To come up with something new is important, it gives me the motivation to move forward. To use innovative technology is always interesting and informative.


As with music, graphical elements can be said are working in harmony. The individual parts come together as visually compelling and a meaningful whole. Disharmony can also be used just as it is in musical compositions: to enhance the emotional complexity, to challenge the viewer, and to give a contrast within the overall composition.

Attention to small details

 Without attention to detail during the work you can miss something very important, but this is inexcusable. Check out all the work several times, it is way to perfect the project.


It is important in each case that you do to find the inspiration. Then it will be not only work, but also pleasure.

Time organisation

It is important at the very beginning of the project to correctly calculate the forces and the period of creation of the product, and the client’s wishes. This is an important aspect.