Medical Brochures


Medical brochures and Banners

For international tourism exhibition, which was organized in Moscow in March 2015 there were released 3 medical brochures and 2 rollups. Banners and brochures for clinics Med Nord and ProSpine have been complementary to the information booth about the medical treatment in Germany.  Carefully chosen a simple design, concise style with bold headings and color inserts, to quickly find all the information of interest. Logos have been redrawn, well chosen fonts readable, but at the same time modern.


The brochure for gynecological Clinic Med Nord was created with beautiful photos of this modern clinic, which is located in Munich.


This brochure is information about the organization of treatment in Germany. It has covered the whole scheme of treatment in clinics in Germany, from finding a suitable clinic till arrival, doing the treatment. The design was picked up bright and cheerful, and appear warm, orange colors.



ProSpine brochure is about the specialized clinic of the spine. It is possible to find not only information about the clinic itself, but also general facts about the spine and health. On the cover there is shown a founder of this unique clinic Dr. Bertagnoli. For brochure there was specially selected lightweight, elegant but catchy font.