Magazine and Poster for German Railway company Deutsche Bahn


What is “Eisenbahner mit Herz 2013″

Eisenbahner-Herz 2013“ jury gives this title every year the conductors and the drivers. Therefore the magazine and the poster of this event are published with faces, stories and participants. It was received more than 250 proposals from rail customers from Germany and eventually selected 100 candidates.


Design of Poster and Magazine

Annual issue of the magazine and the poster turned out with an unmistakable style of the German Railways. This is corporate colors, eye-catching headings and subheadings, simple lines. For the magazine was specially held a photo session with candidates for the title, then for the journal were selected 9 best pictures.
On the centerfold “Eisenbahner mit Herz 2013″ you can see the photos of all the candidates, each has been processed and inserted into a suitable gold frame, plus with a signature, initials and position of the candidate. This was also the main idea of the poster, dedicated to this event.