Exhibition in Imatra, Finland

Exhibition in Imatra

The goal was to create banners for exhibition devoted to the 200th Anniversary of Nikolai Gogol famous Russian writer at the cultural center (Kulttuuritalo Virta), Imatra, Finland, 2009. 5 posters, telling about the works and life of the great writer. All the banners were originally drawn by hand, in the style of 19th century manuscripts, were processed in a graphics program Photoshop, then printed with high quality printing on textured paper. During installation of the exhibition, it was decided to hang them in a place open to the daylight passed through the canvas, the work seemed light and airy.



Also, this project (5 banners and video about it) was my graduation project and received the highest grade. Works are now in the archives of the University of Technology and Design in St. Petersburg.